Creative Beginnings of Lenoir

Wednesday, May 11th

4:45 - 5:45 pm

Business Description:


Products Desired:

Lettuce (salad), strawberries, blueberries, apples, oranges, snow peas, cucumbers, tomatoes

Volume Needed:

150 students 

Grower Requirements - Insurance: 


Grower Requirements - Certifications:


Grower Requirements - Production Practices:


Schedule a meeting with Creative Beginnings of Lenoir:

Virtual Grower-Buyer Meetings with Creative Beginnings of Lenoir are conducted via Zoom and will last fifteen minutes. Appointments are first come, first serve. If a timeslot appears as SOLD OUT, then that appointment is filled. If you need help registering or are unable to attend your scheduled meeting, please contact [email protected].

Virtual Grower-Buyer Meetings are only available for Appalachian Grown Farms. If you're not an Appalachian Grown Farm, click here to become certified today.

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